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Kace Montgomery | Iron Block Studios

Artist Statement

My art has always had an illustrative connection that translates for me into a satisfying form of line and movement–depicting emotion and defining shape–communicating an attitude or space. I have been varied in my mediums throughout the years; from graphite and pen and ink through woodcuts, etchings, and acrylics, the satisfaction has increased with each new permutation. The discovery of clay came early on in New York with a small group of potters and access to a new means of expression.

Re-discovering those possibilities several years ago, with the acquisition of a wheel and a kiln, has created a driving interest in exploring clay as a canvas or drawing board and has also created an emotional conduit through the emergence of the sculpted “people”. I began with heads, alone and on thrown forms, each its own mirror of a feeling; mostly soft, contemplative, and peaceful. There also emerged small people, gathered in bowls, on wood, translating to themes: The Majority, The Friends, The Committee, et al. An organic thread developed, leaves and small peas developed into clean, linear shoots with heads emerging. The people became “People for World Peas…”.

Now, large solitary figures and groups of Guardians are different and unique in their attitudes– but the people still have a sameness in communicating— and all have that inherent clay appeal: “touch me.” As a fine artist, facilitator, consultant, graphic designer, gallery owner, teacher, founder, and patron, there have been many aspects of my career. I find myself–happily–still on that creative journey of line and form, whether it is figurative or surface!